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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Its no news that I am 'weird'..and I quote that because it really is a relative word! To me its completely normal and to others its..well..'Weird'.

So let's get to it! or let me get to it!

  • I smile one sided! Funny enough I did not notice that till like last year LOL! Going through my pictures and was like hmmm why is my mouth one sided?! -__-...The honest truth is I don't think I can smile...I'm either caught off guard or I just wing it hence the one sided smile! My theory. 

  • I'm a huge novel addict! My fave authors are Danielle Steel, James Patterson, Jackie collins and Dan Brown....I, however, do read other books. Currently reading, first sight by Danielle Steel. Funny thing is it does sorta clash with something that happened recently at first sight but that's another story if it does fall through ;). 

  • I laughed watching titanic the first time. I know i'm evil...but I really could not help it. 

  • I do cry watching movies though..eg: hunger games when the little black girl died, Glee's episode dedicated to fin (RIP) and a couple more and no I'm not emotional..okay maybe just a little bit.

  • I hate bananas! point blank period! Even the smell of it is annoying.

  • I have to wear socks to sleep. It doesn't matter if it's summer or winter, my feet are forever cold. Some say i'm anaemic cause I do have the lightest palms as well...but erm yeah I don't know. 

  • I am a neat freak OCD! things out of order drive me crazy! 

  • I'm a sucker for love! 

  • I have major trust issues! My african roots probably have everything to do with this LOL. Too many crooks out here.

  • Once told a dude I had a crush on him. It really doesn't cost a thing..get it over with..if it works out, Wonderful! If it doesn't you feel liberated. In my case, it didn't work out mostly cause I strongly think he's into latinas but that's just to make me feel better about myself lol. (If you're reading this, Hey! :) ) The rest of the 'crushees' I haven't told them yet cause they're too busy being famous. smh! Boris Kodjoe&Lance gross!

  • I want to meet Oprah! I will leave it at that because if i do begin to explain why, we'll be here all day.

  • I've known my bestie all my life! literally from the womb. Before you know my last name, you know her! We're so different that we're the same. Get it?! No? Yeah its not something you can't understand ;).
Couldn't tell us nothing!


  • I have a dream home album in pc. The goal is to acquire a home by 26. Yes i'm not yet 26 so you can eliminate that LOL. 

  • I love ballroom dancing!! Reason why I watch dancing with the stars! Can I be on that show though?!

  • I think my greatest body asset AKA my 'harlot center' AKA my point of attraction AKA 'insert yours' are my nails! 

All mine!

Is that 15?! *scrolls to count* Okay I think it is..To know anymore..you'll have to be in the running to marry me can't be exposing myself like that. It's not healthy. 


  1. you're not weird at all and we do share a lot in common like the banana-hate,neat freak,novel addiction and we have the sane fave authors.The pics are to die-for...so pretty.You also have the most beautiful nails ever!Kudos!

    1. Awwww thank you!!! There's a lot of us banana haters..i'm beginning to think the rest of the world is weird lol

  2. Let me just start by saying I took this blog really personal today lol. Before I read this, I thought you were wrong to say u're weird, but after reading, there's no more doubt, u're really some Weird person. I have a problem with almost every fact lol.
    #1 Are u kidding me? Who can't smile? Everyone can, even the ape in the KingKong movie smiles, Obama smiles, who are u not to.
    #2 As to laughing after watching The Titanic. I can only conclude one of three things, it's either u're evil, or u're Evil, or u're actually really EVIL. Lol
    #3 I and probably most guys tend to link bananas to a lot of other things, so when a girl tells me she doesn't eat bananas, I think that's really wicket of her. I believe I speak for all guys when I say there's a special place in hell for girls who don't eat bananas lol.
    #4 I can forgive u for having trust issues, cuz let's face it everyone these days does. But wearing socks to sleep....are u from mars? lol
    #5 okay, so u told a dude u have a crush on him....news flash, guess what? Girls do that all the time. Putting it on ur list of 15 facts is like putting "I breath oxygen" on ur list of "15 things u didn't know abt me". Just for the rec that goes the same with wanting to meet Oprah...everyone does, it's no news. Lol
    #6 I saved best for last. Please let the record state this, as a quick reminder just in case u never knew. All girls have ONE, (yeah, u heard me right) one GREATEST body asset in the eyes of God's lovely creations called guys, the rest just follow, so do ur nails.
    Now I'll end this beautiful, and hopefully inoffensive comment by saying it was a beautiful blog, I loved it, and am not gona tell u, ur pics look absolutely amazing, I won't. :) Cheers!

    1. Lmaaaooooo! Oh boy! i really was going to reply but then again I figured we'll only prolong this...so all i'm gonna say is; "Is that how you feel?" lol

  3. lovely post :)

  4. love it... we have a lot in common like hate for bananas and OCD neat freak(man be be sanito) lol . pMight do this for my blog one day. Lovely post, keep up

    1. I swear i'm beginning to think i'm 'normal' for hating bananas. lol! You should oo! I look forward to it :)

  5. I don't know what your definition of weird is but as far as I know ur one of the most beautiful creatures on earth and u have the most amazing heart and nails ofcos wonder y I took the ocd and not the nails.einstein must have known there was something weird abt him as well yea there was actually something wrong but I think thats wat made him more special he was just someone's lil boy and now the father of physics.as for that anom above ain't no time for haters!

    1. Awww Thank you child! truly made my day :) And with that body of yours hunny you don't need these nails ;)


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