Thursday, August 7, 2014

I did this shoot ages ago and can't believe I never shared it! Okay by ages ago I do mean like almost two years ago plus or minus some months!

Back in them days when I was 10 lbs lighter...2 shades lighter...10 pimples less....I could go on but i'll just share the pictures now lol!

Where did these skinny days fly to?!

I'm not too keen on facial shots cause;
1) I can't smile to save my life (well consciously)
2) I have 1001 acne spots!(No that number is not exagerated) 

Anyways...here you go! The things I do for y'all ;)

Seeeee..looks so fake lol! 

     It's almost Friday! We got this... :)


I appreciate your comments :)

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