I always somehow find it so hard to do an 'about me' ...mainly cause I think it is a really vague question....But here's a little something;

...I'm Crystal Marie-Michelle AKA CeeTee (last name starts with a T hence the abbreviation) twenty something year old with an African heritage. I'm passionate about life and excited to see where it takes me but most of all I'm on a journey of self-discovery..where every day opens a new page :).
I'm fragile yet courageous and adventurous...In a nutshell, love me and I'll move mountains for you and disrespect/abuse me and I WILL drop the mountains on you.


I started this about my second year of college due to my love to express myself in writing. In a strange way, writing liberates me. It remained a constant and femme-et-noir was born. Then I came across various blogs and decided to just make this an online journal of anything worth writing and sharing and voila! 
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